Your shipping solutions

To meet your needs, we offer one of the largest freight forwarding companies in Libya, providing containers with small and large capacities and high value-added solutions to protect, track and improve the shipment of your goods.

Shipping everywhere the world

We look forward to covering all deep sea shipping routes, in addition to short distance shipping lines in order to meet the shipping needs of our customers as much as possible. Thanks to our capabilities, warehouse infrastructure and specialized network of affiliates, we are able to serve commercial ports in all Libyan ports.

Shipping all kinds of goods

From refrigerated and delicate food shipments to heavy cargo such as industrial machinery, we provide a freight solution for every shipment. We deliver them to their final destination and protect their safety, thanks to a large selection of containers.

Effective Shipping Services

Our staff in our offices in the ports of Misurata and Al-Khums covers all the ports of Libya and our experts also provide a tailor-made service to meet your needs as closely as possible.

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